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Diversify your crypto investments into real estate

Buying real estate with bitcoin or other cryptocurrency is much easier with filtered properties, willing sellers and a knowledgeable partner on your side.  Convert your investment gains into tangible real estate assets without unnecessary complications.

Easily find filtered properties and knowledgeable agents to diversify your crypto investments into real estate without unnecessary risk.
Real estate agents and property owners that sell with are actively looking for buyers using bitcoin, ethereum, stable coins and other digital currencies. can facilitate the process together with your real estate advisor, our partners, agents and other professionals including legal, tax and financial specialists with cryptocurrency transaction experience.
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The buying process

Selling for crypto can be as simple or complicated as any other real estate transaction.

Step 1:

Find crypto-friendly properties for sale or ask a Cryptoprop Certified Agent to help.
Cryptoprop sellers and agents are actively propoting their property for crypto buyers like you.

Step 2:

Make direct contact with the agent or owner vía phone or e-mail to schedule a visit.
Reach the crypto real estate agent or willing property owner directly for a quicker process.

Step 3:

Finalize and document the price, currency, timing, and other conditions for sale.
This is similar to any other property purchase except you'll need to include the particular crypto payment details in the escrow or contract documents.

Step 4:

Crypto sales settle in minutes. Crypto-to-dollars or other currencies can clear same-day.
A Cryptoprop Certified Agent or knowledgeable advisor can coordinate payment and exchange converting BTC, ETH, crypto or other currencies.

Crypto Buyer FAQs

questions frequently asked by real estate buyers using crypto

Yes, you can buy a house, apartment or property for 100% cryptocurrency.  Sellers and agents that publish on Cryptoprop are better educated and more willing to sell for cryptocurrency.  In many cases the seller will let you know the crypto currency they are willing to receive; however, you can choose to make payment in BTC, ETH, or any other cryptocurrency you choose.

Keep in mind that you may have to consider exchange costs during the negotiations if you want to pay with a currency different than the one the property owner is willing to accept. 

Also, you may have other associated costs which may or may not be paid with cryptocurrency.  You or your agent can and should identify these beforehand, including but not limited to local taxes, escrow fees or legal fees.

A knowledgeable or certified agent can help coordinate the necessary process and documentation for a complete real estate purchase using 100% bitcoin or other cryptocurrency.  

Buying with bitcoin or other cryptocurrency can help diversify your holdings into an attractive asset class.  

Cryptocurrencies offer native technological advantages over legacy infrastructure for the settlement of funds. Blockchains offer fast and final settlement where proof of funds is verified quickly and easily on a public ledger, with greater transparency and ease. The decentralized nature of these payments methods can also reduce wire fraud and due diligence costs. USD-denominated stablecoins (USDC, USDT, etc) allow sellers to benefit from this technology without exposure to the volatility and risk profile of many crypto assets.

At the end of the day, it broadens your investment options. Early adopters of cryptocurrency are looking to diversify their holdings, and real estate is a prime investment category for this globally.

You can buy a property for any currency or combination of stored value assets you choose.  In some cases, if the seller is unwilling to receive payment exactly as you propose, you may need to use an exchange service from crypto to other crypto or other currency for all or part of the payment amount.

A Cryptoprop Certified Agent or experienced real estate agent will be able to help with the necessary documentation to make sure there are no surprises in the process.   

Local regulations still apply.  The real estate transaction will likely require a vetting process and due diligence on both sides, to confirm the property and ensure an able buyer. 

The local legal team will likely need to document source of funds directly or via the escrow service.

Your experienced crypto real estate agent can help make sure the process is efficient and transparent without surprises. 

You can sign up to save your property search or contact a crypto real estate agent directly. 

We recommend you work with your local advisor or a Cryptoprop Certified Agent to not only help find the ideal property, but also lead the negotiation and closing process for a cryptocurrency real estate purchase. 

The experience and foresight of an experienced real estate agent will greatly reduce unnecessary risk and help make the entire buying process even more efficient.  

You may be liable for taxes depending on your current country of residence, legal status, and a variety of considerations regarding capital gains.

Buyer-side lawyers, inspectors, real estate agents and other professionals may or may not accept cryptopayment so you’ll need to check directly with them to avoid surprises later on.

Title transfer and local taxes are usually paid in local currency directly to the necessary government authority. 

Yes.  If you want to buy real estate with your cryptocurrency this can easily be exchanged at time of purchase as part of the process.

A knowledgeable real estate agent will already have an available service or exchange partner depending on the amount, timing and characteristics of your real estate cryptocurrency transaction.

A Certified CryptoProp Real Estate Agent will be able to lead the process and guide you or your real estate agent for any necessary exchange options.  Crypto exchange to fiat currency (USD, CAD, GBP, EUR, CRC, etc…) can usually be completed within minutes or up to 48 hours depending on your needs.  

The final purchase price is usually determined in fiat currency (government-backed currency). 

For example, if the purchase price for the property you’re buying is $800,000, then the market value of the cryptocurrency (bitcoin, USDT, USDC, ETH, etc) will equal $800,000 at the time of closing.

The exchange rate is established based on the mutually agreed indicator from a publicly available exchange.  If you prefer, you can reduce market volatility for the purchase price by choosing a stable coin whose value is already tied to USD, Euro, or other fiat currency. 

If the transaction is completed as crypto to crypto, the specific instructions will be written into the purchase agreement or buy-sell contract or escrow agreement stating that the buyer and seller agree to the market fluctuations after the close of escrow and that the buyer is no longer responsible for those fluctuations.

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